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Male aged late 20’s who had been smoking since he was 10 years of age (having had easy access to his smoking family’s constant supply of cigarettes). Giving up smoking was too difficult even after many attempts of going “cold-turkey” and using patches and gum. In my occupation as a builder I was always surrounded by other smokers. After my first hypnotherapy session I immediately stopped smoking and have started referring many other smoker friends who have also become non-smokers. Thank you Barry for helping me to a better life.


Female aged mid 40’s – I am actually a sales representative for a cigarette company and  receive a regular carton of cigarettes as an incentive and smoked a pack a day. I had tried all types of methods to quit but was unsuccessful. With the first hypnosis session I stopped smoking and achieved it in a calm and relaxing fashion with no cravings at all and have been smoke free for 12 months now. Thanks Barry.

Many more examples are available concerning the successful outcome to stop smoking.

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