End the fears that have been holding you back in life.

  • Fear of Public Speaking,
  • Fear of Hypodermic needles,
  • Fear of Flying,
  • Fear of Tunnels,
  • Fear of Elevators / Lifts,
  • Fear of Heights,
  • Fear of Spiders, Reptiles etc
  • Fear of Vomiting,
  • Just about any other type of debilitating fear



Fear of Dentist. Female aged 49. Email received: – “Hi Barry, Just wanted to let you know that I had my first dental appointment today since undergoing hypnotherapy. I am very pleased to tell you that I didn’t have one single bit of anxiety whilst sitting in the chair. OK….I do admit that I was a little apprehensive and snuck home first and had a glass of wine. But, trust me….just a glass of wine previously never worked like this. I convinced myself that I was going to remain calm and relaxed throughout my whole appointment…..and I did it!!! Even the Dental nurse said that she was amazed and very happy for me. Usually for days I have a terrible tightness in my stomach but I had absolutely nothing today and so very proud of myself. I do have to go to the specialist for a consult next month (possible root canal), but I’m feeling really good about this (except for the expense of course). A huge thank you for helping me with my fear. I so appreciate it!!! I honestly don’t think my heart rate got over 80. I feel great and so very proud of myself. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again, Barry!!! Take care”. Cheers, MW


Fear of Needles “I would like to thank Barry for the excellent work he did through hypnotherapy to get me over my fear of needles.  Since becoming diabetic, I have had to have my husband give me all my needles which was far from ideal for either of us.   I came to Barry as I was going away for a week without my husband and therefore had to inject myself, something I really didn’t think I could ever do, having had this fear from childhood.     As soon as I sat down, Barry made me feel comfortable and explained the whole process.   He told me I may need two or three sessions but that session, to my complete amazement, he had me injecting myself.   I came back a second time for some self hypnosis but from that first session, I haven’t looked back.   I feel more in control of my diabetes and can comfortably inject myself with no hesitation whatsoever.  As Barry said, it has become second nature.   Again, thanks Barry for giving me back a bit of freedom.” -CO


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