Pain Management

Pain Management with Advanced Hypnotherapy

  • Relief from Chronic Pain
  • Pain relief from Back, Neck, Tension Headaches, etc
  • Recovery from Illness
  • Overcome Psychosomatic pain
  • Preparation for Childbirth


Male aged early 70’s suffering from pain for 20 years without any identified medical cause other than it had originated from the time of an operation for a nerve problem. His many medical doctors over the years had told him it was just an imagined pain but whether this was true or not, he was suffering in his mind from real pain. With three hypnotherapy sessions he had lost all of the pain sensation and is now leading a life free from this pain.


Male, late 50’s, suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, the “suicide pain”. Surgery to the trigeminal nerve (facial / jaw area) had improved his condition but he retained a chronic pain problem which interfered with his sleep. Using self hypnosis, he was able to relax before bed and his sleeping pattern improved.

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