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Female┬áin her late 20’s.

I used to be HUGE/FAT/OBESE!!! I was an emotional / boredom eater which was OK while I was in my teens and early 20’s but soon caught up with me. I tried all the diets which got the weight off but it would soon creep back on because I hadn’t fixed the problem – I wasn’t dealing with the issues.

I saw Barry’s flyer in the local shopping centre, walked past his business a thousand times and finally got the courage to make an appointment. Barry is amazing. He was so supportive and through his hypnosis he was able to help me to discover why I was using food as a comfort and to find other ways to deal with life and its stresses. With diet, exercise and Barry’s help – I have lost an amazing 20+kg and am down to a size 14. I don’t need a Mars Bar and Coke when I get petrol any more or a full of pack of Tim Tams when things get tough-

I am getting married shortly and can’t wait to wear my amazing dress and show off my new body. I would highly recommend Barry and Advanced Hypnotherapy to anyone who has any issue that they need help with.



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