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Stop those bad habits today:- Quit Smoking, Stop Addictions, Eliminate Anxiety, Control your Weight and more. Call Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney today on 0401616505 to find out how Hypnotherapy can help you to live a life without the trauma and pain of emotional upsets, addictions, past baggage, debilitating behaviour, relationship issues and more.


It’s important to choose the right Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello. My name is Barry Shirley and I am a specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist in Sydney who is certified in both Australia and the USA. I have been in full time practice since 2003.

I have helped hundreds of people to overcome the issues that were holding them back from living happier and more fulfilled lives.

Imagine a life without the trauma and pain of emotional upsets, past baggage, debilitating behaviour, phobias, addictive habits, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction and many other problems.

If you wish to make positive, life-lasting changes in your life, please give me a call at Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney on 0401616505.   Read more

Hypnosis – How does it work?

The basic definition of Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. In our opinion, hypnosis is a process that keeps working in the background, bringing about profound and positive changes.

During Hypnosis, when a certain state of mental and physical relaxation is attained, the subconscious mind is quite receptive and can be reached by the words and suggestions of the Hypnotherapist without the interference of your conscious mind.

This makes it possible to achieve positive changes to your life and to discover any deep-seated emotions or other problems. It helps you to release emotional blocks and to lead the type of life you want. There are no gimmicks. It is drug-free.

Contrary to some novels, films and stage hypnosis shows, you always maintain control in a clinical hypnotherapy session. You will be aware at all times of anything that is said and done. Nobody has the power to make you do anything against your will or beliefs. You won’t disclose anything you don’t want to. Read more

My Specialties at Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney

My specialties include:-

  • Quit smoking
  • Stopping all addictions (including gambling, alcohol, drugs and food disorders)
  • Eliminating anxiety and stress
  • Weight control
  • Building confidence and helping to restore self-esteem
  • Treating fears (public speaking, fear of flying, fear of dogs, and fear of almost anything)
  • Breaking habits
  • Motivation for sports and work
  • Changing poor behaviour that is making your life miserable.
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